About Our Organisation

Who Are We

Launched in August 2016 organization focused on 5 principle areas:

  • Strength of Character
  • Focus and Commitment
  • Reputation
  • Relationships
  • Helping the weak and meek

Young men and women from all walks of life join us weekly for sessions aimed at their empowerment.

What do we do

Weekly sessions, leadership programmes, skills development programmes & also quarterly camps are held so that we may further train and instruct our members in the AGEM way.

We are focused on discipline and training, character building, enhancing potential, developing leadership abilities & entrepreneurial skills.

Our aim is to holistically develop these young boys & girls so that they develop into exemplary men & woman.





AGEM focus areas:


We set the basic rules by starting off with a team hike.  We also create develop different ranks (from private to general) and establish a team handshake and salute


At our various bootcamps we focus on leadership training, communication skills, endurance, teamwork, obstacles & also listening skills


All of our training focuses on building a brotherhood & sisterhood.  We activily encourage commitment and bonding and equip our youth with establishing this in their families



Establishing a sense of dedication & discipline is core to our programme.  There is a strong focus on good manners & our youth are reminded that the aim to develop young  gentleman & madams


The “never give up” attitude is instilled in our programme.  Our aim is always to develop a strong strength of character & composed young men & women


All of our programmes, camps, training sessions & skills development is done to establish a sense of leadership & create youth leadership in our communities