Mojo PriestIs the following Steven Seagal record album, pursuing the Music in the Amazingly Cave

Therefore I am creating it off inside the a great letterAnd I am hoping you to possible understandCause I know lady you can do betterAnd it is regarding my handsSo carry on girlFind you a much better manYeah greatest manFind your a better child

Musical Throughout the Amazingly Cave : My personal Jesus________________________________________Are you willing to concern meYou dislike becoming near meWell i come from a different placeMy philosophy’s of outside spaceMy faith are strangeI imagine it’s cause you anxiety changeAfraid to try and understandA complete stranger inside a mystical landDon’t imagine i want awayYou top trust i am right here to help you stayCause my personal Jesus is preferable to your Jesus

Maybe you dislike my skinOr everything i trust inYou do not eg my prayerYou don’t like the dresses i wearHow the majority of people need to dieFor exactly what one man might think are rightThe correct path to for example is more than oneWhy might you force your commonly having an effective gunLet’s initiate several other holy warI’ll assist you what i’m destroying forMy Jesus is preferable to the GodMy Goodness are bigger than yoursMy Goodness surpasses your GodMy God is actually bigger than your own

Almost always there is a beneficial storyBut i never know what it’s forThey say we’re going to warBut it’s never ever whatever you say we is actually fighting forGreed, lays and you can hateMurder, and it’s all the bacuse out of exactly what ?

Better i’m good MuslimI’m good BuddhistI’m a beneficial Hindu, a great Catholic, an effective JewEverything your anxiety inside the myself is all part of youWhen there will be something you might think inAnd there will be something you have to sayDon’t allow the ammo preach on how to helps your wayWell defeat myself with your doctorineConvert myself for individuals who canDeliver me out-of the new guiltBut get-off me with the sinCause my Goodness is ideal than their GodMy God are larger than yoursMy God is the best than simply the GodMy Jesus is actually larger than your own personal

Well it will be tobaccoOr it will be a small ofMight feel specific big bussinessOr a little smaller piece of soilGreed, lies and hateAnd it’s all due to just what ?War

Nice top, sweet tieNice try looking in your eyeSo let me know the reason we usually never select youWhere the ammunition flyYou sit in your own large houseAnd your watch they on TVMurder from the jungleMurder from the roads

You are going to offer us such liesLike a can of soupBut I understand the actual challenger is the one you can’t dupeHistory was a great lie Assented uponIt’s all of the on account of just what ?WarIt’s the due to just what ?Battle

________________________________________Girl everything you want every nightMe require new friend, build me personally feel niceBoy that which you really want all of the nightMe need the brand new poonani, look for for create niceShe want the latest buddyHim want this new poonaniAnd myself know it sweet

Battle in the PakistanWar inside AfghanistanWar in IraqWar during the IranRumors of a single, gossip off warMe see it into the weil near and you may me personally discover it toward far

In the event the lady start to strutyou could check their however, you should not do thatThink about that since her attire is just as prettyThey’re not just to safeguards this lady cat

Woman what you want all of the nightMe need new buddy, create me personally getting niceBoy that which you really want all nightMe want the fresh new the perfect match sign up poonani, look for getting build niceBaby the way you waik is so hotLet’s provides a trial regarding rumThen I am able to leave you feature meTo the newest oceanThat could well be phatYou are my personal ribbon catNice ital breezeBring one to your own kneesWe’re jammin

The latest album was released within the . When you look at the a change maybe not seen which have Music regarding Amazingly Cave, Seagal has actually an extensive U.S. and you can around the globe tour planned.The first single Aligator Ass debuted during the La radio route KYSR toward ‘Jamie, Jack, and you will Stench’ show.